Welcome to Haziz! 


We are a belly dance troupe teaching and performing in Gloucestershire, UK 


Haziz will be hosting a Charity Hafla later in the year 2017. keep watching for details.





Haziz has developed over many years through the dance tuition and talented choreography of Hazel Kayes. Our style of dancing is both authentic and creative. 

 Haziz Belly Dance Troupe are based in Gloucestershire England. 

They have performed internationally as well as within the UK. They have entertained in Israel, France,Scotland and Wales with regular performances at the Gloucester Guildhall , The Play House Theatre in Stroud and the Cheltenham Town Hall.  

HAZIZ BELLYDANCE TROUPE have performed at CHARITY EVENTS for the Meningitis Trust. The Animal Shelter in Cheltenham and the HIV and Aids Benefit in Stroud.Other performances include an EVENING EVENT for officers at at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks. ENTERTAINMENT at the Rotary Club International evening, MOROCCAN BANQUETS held in marques and bedouin tents. SPORTS EVENTS,CARNIVALS and PRIVATE CELEBRATIONS. For the Fair-Trade Tea dance. The STROUD FRINGE FESTIVAL and SPORTS FEST. Further evening entertainment at Weddings, Birthdays,PRIVATE PARTIES,STAGE performance, CABARET and THEATRE performances. 

The HAZIZ BELLYDANCE TROUPE include a variety of different dances in their performances and easily adapt to the required venue.  

Performing dances of CLASSICAL EGYPTIAN, Baladi, sensous and emotional. Saaidi STICK DANCES from upper Egypt.Traditional and contemporary VEIL dances with a rippling delight of silk. PERSIAN dances, EGYPTIAN TABLA, a DRUM dance to the rythm of drums. TRIBAL,GYPSY, traditional TUNISIAN FOLK, a colourful dance of celebration. EGYPTIAN WINGS a dance of a goddess. CANDLE dance with lit candles balanced on the head.  SWORD dance, MIDDLE EASTERN POP, upbeat and cheeky. A dance with FANS, a fun party CUBAN dance and MOZEINA Bedouin dancing from the Sinai dessert, mysterious and playful. We include GROUP DANCES, DUETS and SOLO DANCES using authentic and colourful costumes. 

On occasions the dancers are accompanied by live musicians playing Egyptian instruments such as the DRUM, the OUD, the VIOLIN and PERCUSSION.

Please take a look at our PHOTO gallery and Performance events to learn  more about the HAZIZ BELLYDANCE TROUPE. 

If you're interested in learning this wonderful dance style, you may like to find out more about classes and workshops run by Hazel Kayes.

You can also drop us an e-mail.