Egyptian Dance is one of the most ancient forms of dance in the world.

If you would like to give it a try, or to develop your dancing further, we run a range of friendly classes and one-off workshops in Gloucestershire.

Hazel Kayes:

Hazel has been teaching this dance for over 15 years and she is continually inspired to dance with beautiful music and to choreograph new dances Her dance troupe HAZIZ have been performing for over ten years and all the dancers have been trained by Hazel - they are lovely dancers and put on gorgeous shows at Theatres, Art Centres, Weddings and Parties.

When travelling to the Sinai desert was accessible Hazel took out dancers to dance, travel on camels and live with the Mozeina Bedouin tribe - a truly valuable experience.

Also she is a professionally trained actor having performed in the West End and in touring shows with dance as well as with theatre.


Traditional Egyptian Belly Dance Classes: 

This is the most feminine and sensual dance. It makes you feel great and keeps you supple and toned. You will learn to dance gracefully and improve your posture and strengthen core muscles. Posture is extremely important for dance as well as for your own sense of balance and health.

As well as making you feel beautiful it is also great fun with the addition of a few subtle cheeky moves to add a sense of humour.

Traditional Egyptian Belly Dance includes classical and folk styles as well as contemporary. This can lead on to learning variations of other Arabic dance - Egyptian being the most sophisticated, developed and the most popular.

The class is open to beginners and also for those who have been learning the dance for longer. Technique is taught and also choreographies for different levels.

Weekly classes with Hazel Kayes

Sunday evenings:  6.30-8pm Open Level, Stroud Yoga Space

Wednesday evenings:  7.30-9.30pm Advance Level only, Gloucester Guildhall 

Thursday evenings:  7-8pm Open Level, Gloucester Guildhall 













For further information please contact Hazel

Tel: 01453 762022  Mobile: 07763 180512  



Sunday 29th November at Stroud Yoga Space

  • Workshop with master musicians, Tim Garside & Giles Lewin from 11.30am - 3.30pm
  • Dance tuition by Hazel Kayes
  • Giles plays oud, violin ( also shawm and flute)
  • Tim plays all types of Arab percussion, bombard, flute
  • A session with Tim Garside and Hazel for an hour 
  • A session with Giles Lewin & Hazel for an hour 
  • Lunch break for 45 minutes
  • In the afternoon there will be a 45 minutes session to dance with both musicians and Hazel
  • There will also be 2 10 - 15 minutes breaks
  • Cost - £30

For further information please call Hazel:

Tel: 01453 762022 Mob: 07763 180512 Email:










For further information please call Hazel:

Tel: 01453 762022   Mob: 07763 180512  Email: